Mobile log splitting service, seasoned / unseasoned firewood and woodchip

Had a tree taken down? Don’t know what to do with the wood? We can help turn it into usable firewood. S. Raney Tree Services now offer a mobile log splitting service throughout Norwich, Norfolk and East Anglia.

Our bespoke-built, mobile log splitting machine will make light work of any type of wood, whether it’s straight-grained or full of knots. We think it’s far better to sweat in front of a fire, than on the end of an axe! Contact us today for more information.

Seasoned split firewood

All our waste from trees is either turned into firewood or woodchip which can be bought, and delivered, directly from us when available (seasoned or unseasoned). Please contact us for details.


Woodchip is ideal for shrub borders and paths and acts like a natural weed suppresser. In addition, when it starts to rot, it puts nutrients back into the soil. Our woodchip is sold by the trailer load; please contact us for details.

Scott using the mobile log splitter Firewood